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The following is a list of words and/or phrases that will help you to indicate TIME, ORDER, SEQUENCE in your writing.
The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes indicate time, order, sequence as “…measurable period…arrange…connected series…”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for indicate time, order, sequence, “…chronology, duration…grouping, sort…succession, continuation…”

Abruptly After After a few days
After a long time After a short time After a while
After that Afterward All at once
All of the time All the while Always
As long as As soon as At first
At last At length At present
At that time At the beginning At the end
At that onset At the same time At this moment
At times Before Begin
By now Commence Commencing
Concurrently Consequently Continually
Currently Cyclically Directly
During Earlier Embark
Eventually Every time Final
Finally First Following
Following that Former Formerly
Frequently From this point Generally
Gradual Henceforth Hereafter
Heretofore Immediately In an instant
In awhile In conclusion In the end
In the first place In the future In the last place
In the meantime In the past In the second place
In turn In frequently Initial
Instantly Instantaneously Intermittent
Just then Last Last of all
Lastly Later Later on
Later that day Little by little Meanwhile
Momentarily Never Next
Not at all Not long after Not long ago
Now Occasionally Of late
Often Often time On the next occasion
Once Once upon a time Past
Periodically Preceding Present
Presently Previously Prior to
Promptly Quick Rarely
Recently Repeatedly Right after
Right away Second Seldom
Sequentially Shorty Simultaneously
Slow So far Some of the time
Some time Soon Soon after
Soon afterward Sporadically Starting with
Subsequently Suddenly Temporary
The latter The next The final
Then Thereafter This instant
Third To begin with To conclude
To finish Today Tomorrow
Twice Uncommon Ultimately
Until Until now Usually
When While Yesterday


Comments on: "WORDS to indicate Time, Order and Sequence" (19)

  1. Nickie Asher said:

    Wow. I love lists…therefore I instantly love your blog. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Interesting concept for a blog, DeAnn. Good luck with it.

  3. This is great and took a great deal of work to do Nice job and thank you so much for doing this.


  4. I love blogs like this that provide useful tools for writers! I happen to need the time, order, sequence one right now to fix a line in a current ms, so thanks!

  5. Tamara LeBlanc said:

    DeAnn, I’m so glad you decided to “advertise” your blog on the loop. If it weren’t for that little email I would have never known about your blog, and the great info here.
    Are you on Twitter? If you are, you should definitely share the blog link there so that a very wide audience can benefit too. My Twitter handle is @Tamaraleblancrw, just in case you want to say hi.
    If you’re not on Twitter, you should think about joining. I’ve learned alot there and I’m sure other writers would love to take a look at what you have to say.
    Have a great evening!

  6. Love these DeAnn! Thanks for sharing. And I’m at Twitter/@CalisaML

  7. love the blog. The lists are infinitely helpful. Thanks

  8. Very useful lists. And perfect timing! I used a phrase already this morning. Thanks for your hard work.

  9. well I’ve got to say that this list which you have put here has been helping me in my English classes alot, thanks for it and if you have any new thing to add, my e-mail is criarte.rs@gmail.com

  10. this is the best list i have found, thanx on behalf of all my students. i think the wrod ” yet” can be included as in ” i have yet to find” or ” i haven’t done it yet”

  11. My goodness, what a wonderful list… I am putting together my writing course program and was searching for a comprehensive list of sequence words… this is PERFECT…THANK YOU!!! Alexandra

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